Five Useful Things You Can Do With The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Enjoy the Touch Bar, but wish you could get more out of it? There are all sorts of ways you can customize and better utilize this thin touch screen; here are five we recommend.

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by Justin Pot #HowToGeek

How Marketing Will Change in 2017

With more than one-fourth of 2017 over, many businesses feel pressured to achieve the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. Next year’s resolutions are months away, but there are still changes happening this year that will heavily influence the practice of marketing in years to come. Here are some of the biggest trends on the horizon that stand to change the way businesses reach consumers. Live Video Video has already become an integral part of marketing for many businesses. The clear majority of businesses have reported plans to increase their spending on video-based marketing in…This story continues at The Next Web

by George Beall
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How AI is transforming customer service

There will always be a need for a real human’s presence in customer service, but with the rise of AI comes the glaring reality that many things can be accomplished through the implementation of an AI-powered customer service virtual assistant. As our technology and understanding of machine learning grows, so does the possibilities for services that could benefit from a knowledgeable chatbot. What does this mean for the consumer and how will this affect the job market in the years to come? The consumer How many times have you been placed on hold, on the phone or through a live chat option, when…This story continues at The Next Web

by Josiah Motley
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How to Change Google Assistant to Typing Instead of Voice By Default

Google Assistant is designed to be a conversational voice assistant, but sometimes it’s not socially acceptable to talk to your phone. If you’d rather type your requests to Assistant, you can make that the default instead.

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by Eric Ravenscraft #HowToGeek

Clean up your home WiFi with a lifetime of NetSpot Home — for under $20

At one point or another, we’ve all played the infuriating guessing game known as “Find the WiFi.” For many, connecting to a home WiFi network requires suffering through odd connectivity issues punctuated by occasional dropouts and months of trial and error determining “good spots” and “bad spots” all around your house. Dump the guessing game and get some concrete answers about your home WiFi — as well as definite steps for correcting WiFi dead zones — with a lifetime license to NetSpot Home, available now for just $19 (72 percent off) from TNW Deals. NetSpot takes the hassle out of…This story continues at The Next Web

by TNW Deals
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