How to Save a Microsoft Word Document as a Web Page

You may not think of Word as a tool for designing web pages, and that’s okay—it’s really not very good at it, anyway. But, if you have an existing Word document that you need to turn into a web page for whatever reason, Word has you covered with some built-in tools.


How to Transfer Data Between Two Computers Without Losing Anything


If you’ve treated yourself to a shiny new computer then the excitement might be tempered somewhat by the thought of having to shift all your files and programs over to the new machine. With the right tools and know-how though, this doesn’t have to be a chore—here’s how to get it done quickly.

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AirTV review: Send live TV broadcasts all over your house—and to your mobile devices, too


You don’t need to pay for cable or satellite TV just to watch the local affiliates of the broadcast networks ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and PBS. You just need an antenna. And if you add an AirTV to your Wi-Fi network, one antenna is all you’ll need to send those live broadcasts to multiple TVs in your house—and to mobile screens wherever you can get on the internet.

A new viewing option from the folks behind Dish Network satellite TV, AirTV was formally launched in May with just that skill set, a promise this writer found compelling. After a few weeks of working with the $120 box and ironing out some kinks, I’m still pretty much impressed, albeit with some caveats.

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