DJI Mini First Spring Flight. GPS glitches. FPV Not Working…SOLVED

So I pulled my 2 year old DJI Mini (original version) out of the hanger for the first flight of the season today. I updated everything recently, and was expecting a normal flight. Never trust in your expectations.

I powered up hopefully, and opened up the Android flight app. Immediately a notification screamed that the GPS not working. OK. No idea why, but before I spent too much time worrying about it, the drone decided that it needed to calibrate it’s compass.

DJI Mini App Black Screen FPV Camera View #BugReport

‘Ahh…THAT must be it’. I figured that could fix the GPS issue, so I proceeded to calibrate…but calibration failed. Wait, what?

After a frustrating couple of tries, I noticed a recommendation to calibrate at 1.5 m height…so, took 3 steps down, off the deck and SUCCESS! Prepare for takeoff!

Everything powered on. GPS lock. Home point updated and map position verified…but where’s the camera image? It records, takes photos, gimbal moves up and down but just a black screen and blank screen videos and pics. WTF?!?

Powered down. Rebooted everything. Cleared the cache. Nothing. There aren’t any updates and resetting the camera defaults failed. Finally in desperation, I tried uninstalling the Android app and reinstalling. BINGO! Back in business.

After resetting safety settings and a quick pre-flight, check, I took off from the picnic table, and had a perfect flight after that. But for awhile there I was sure some mysterious hardware failure had occurred during its winter in storage, and was freaking out that my drone might be broken. Luckily it was just a software glitch.

Footage from DJI Mini Drone (compressed)

Just goes to prove the Tech Support Credo: If rebooting doesn’t fix it, reinstalling it will.

Hope this helps some other pilots out there who might be in the same hell-bound boat. ~Jamie

Comcast Sucks. The Saga Continues – Episode 62|Data Capping the Pandemic

Perhaps you’ve heard about Comcast’s New Data Caps. They are very real…and very low. If you stream a lot of video, EVEN USING the XFINITY STREAM app, you WILL go over. Even if you only have HD…not even 4K…video.

Of course…They offer an ‘Add-On Unlimited’ plan for an extortionate price that’s more than some pay for their unlimited cell service each month. That’s just so nice of them.

Let’s stop for a second to reflect that this is occurring during a pandemic, where most Americans are stuck at home and depending on the Internet for remote learning for the kids, and just trying to stay connected to the world with video chats and Zoom calls. While many are struggling to pay bills and feed their families… In THIS environment, Comcast is choosing to place a stiff tax on the Internet service its customers are now so dependent on. Holy crap! That’s some cold blooded Bernie Madoff shit. Almost as bad as say, shorting airline stocks on 9/11. 

“How do they think they can get away with it?”, you ask.

Such an atrocity can only occur when a company has an unfair advantage over its customers, like the last mile monopoly that most cable companies…including Comcast around my house…fight HARD to maintain. If there’s no competition, you can’t really DO anything about it. That’s likely ending soon, once 5G coverage and devices converge to dilute this wiref monopoly, but not soon enough. 

For now, it seems Comcast knows it’s coming, and has decided that in the meantime, they should fleece their customers for every last cent they can. In this case, for the SAME SERVICE they currently provide (often poorly I might add). It’s criminal. Literally.

Some background.

We use Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app exclusively to watch TV in our house. We have 200mbps service and usually get around 110mbps. We don’t have movie channels, a cable box or any extras like pay per view. It costs around $145 a month. We have two HD (not 4K) smart screens and generally one of them is on all the time, rarely both. Based on network tracking, these two screens make up 85-90% of our data usage, and are almost exclusively streaming Live TV via the XFinity Stream app. So THAT’S what is pushing us over the unreasonably low 1.2TB Data Cap, as each screen uses around 30GB per day or around 900GB per month. JUST TO WATCH TV (HD) that is INCLUDED in our package on 2 screens, we can exceed our data cap and incur up to $100 in EXTRA charges!!!

Sure, we could Buck Up and pay the $30 surcharge for ‘Unlimited’ data, but honestly I would sooner MOVE. How long before the ‘unlimited’ data gets soft capped and slowed down? Or they get rid of ‘unlimited’ altogether, in favor of metering? The abuses will continue until they no longer have that last mile monopoly advantage. You can yell. You can scream. You can write angry letters. You can get fed up and pull the plug…or even move. 

You can also contact Comcast and complain. Do it NOW before you start getting charged extra. I can’t tell you if it will help, because I am still in conversation and so far they’ve offered no suitable resolution.

Or you can suffer, cut back on usage or pay extra and wait. Wait, until 5G is everywhere and Comcast becomes just another telco company competing for your business. Right now, they think they don’t have to compete. They think profiting on the suffering of others during a pandemic is fine. I’m telling them…and everyone else who can read, it’s NOT fine. At all.

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