What’s New in Chrome 95, Available Today

If you feel like the last Google Chrome release just happened, you’re not alone. Version 95 of the popular browser is available starting today on October 19, 2021. This update includes improved security for payments, the ability to save Tab Groups, and more.

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Windows 11 Cripples File History to Prop Up OneDrive Backup

File History on Windows 11.Josh Hendrickson

Of all the weird and frustrating problems in Windows 11, this one might take the cake. Microsoft removed the “Add a Folder” option from Windows 11’s File History tool, meaning that you can only back up Documents, Photos, and other pre-made folders in Windows 11. That is, unless you pay for some OneDrive storage.

File History is the main backup tool in Windows. It was first introduced in Windows 8, and allows users to automatically back up select folders to an external drive. In short, File History is like an automatic cloud storage solution that sits at your desk and doesn’t cost $15 a month.

But Microsoft has its own cloud storage solution called OneDrive. And as noticed by Windows 11 users on Reddit, it seems that Microsoft is taking features away from File History to make a OneDrive subscription more appealing.

In previous Windows releases, users could choose which folders to automatically back up with File History. These folders could exist anywhere on your file system. But in Windows 11, users can only back up Documents, Photos, Videos, Downloads, Contacts, and other pre-made folders chosen by Microsoft.

If you’re a File History user, I suggest sticking with Windows 10 for awhile. The Windows 11 release is a bit buggy and its best features are still missing, so you’re not missing out on much. But if you’ve already upgraded to Windows 11, please make sure that File History is backing up your important data. You may need to move folders into Documents and other Microsoft-approved spaces to make sure that they’re automatically backed up.

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How to Scroll Through Photos Lightning Fast on Windows 10

You may be used to tapping the arrow keys to quickly scroll through images in Windows’ Photos app, but an even faster method is using the mouse wheel. We’ll show you how to make the mouse wheel scroll instead of zoom.

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What Are Computer Files and Folders?

Files and folders are a common metaphor for storing data on a computer. Even a modern device that hides files from you as much as possible still uses them under the hood. Here’s a look at what files and folders are—and how computers got that way to begin with.

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In this simulation, spending Bill Gates’ 100 billion is exhausting

If you had $100 billion that you had to spend, how would you even do it? A simulation by Neal Agarwal lets you squander the wealth of Bill Gates on things like movies, monster trucks, and the Mona Lisa. Try it out here, or spend Elon Musk’s fortune here. — Read the rest

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What Is RansomCloud, And How Do You Protect Yourself?

RansomCloud is ransomware designed to infiltrate and encrypt cloud storage. Responsibility for the security of your data isn’t as straightforward as you might think. We tell you what you need to know.

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Get Outlook Email Notifications in Chrome With This Extension

Who says Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome can’t play nice? With the new Outlook extension for Google Chrome, you can get all kinds of convenient Outlook features without switching tabs. You can even get notifications when a new email arrives.

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