Someone Hacked Google Play Store Onto Windows 11, And You Can Too (For Now)


When Microsoft confirmed Windows 11 would support Android apps, there was plenty of excitement, but then we learned apps are only available through the Amazon App Store. And while Android apps on Windows 11 made their confusing debut last week, this week, a developer on Twitter managed to get the full Google Play Store working, and here’s how.

Amazon’s Android app store has a limited selection compared to the thousands of apps on Google’s store. Furthermore, the Android app experience through Amazon isn’t expected to be available to the public until 2022. As a result, people everywhere are trying to hack Google Play onto Windows 11.

The developer ADeltaX has documented their efforts on Twitter, and this weekend it paid off. Now, there’s a working version of the Google Play Store on Windows 11, but we’re not sure how long this will last. Microsoft will likely block it at any moment.

Either way, the developer released a set of instructions for those daring enough to try it themselves, as well as the YouTube instructional video below.

It’s worth noting that this process isn’t for beginners, and things could quickly go wrong. There are files to download, install, copy, and scripts to execute. Basically, it’s not super simple. ADeltaX says the process is still a work in progress and suggests that any users watching the video proceed at their own risk. That said, there is a chance they’ll come up with a more straightforward solution in the future as long as Microsoft doesn’t block the script first.

If you want to try the Google Play Store and all of its apps on a Windows 11 device, now is your chance, but it probably won’t work for long.

via TechRadar

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