LG improves its wearable air purifier with a built-in mic and speaker


With face coverings still the norm, tech companies want you to up your mask game. Last year, LG unveiled the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier featuring three fans and a pair of HEPA-style filters. Ten months later, it’s finally revealed an initial release date for the device, an improved version of which arrives in Thailand in August. There’s still no word on the price, however.

The latest iteration features a smaller, lighter motor and a built-in mic, speaker and voice amplifier. LG says its “VoiceOn” tech automatically recognizes when you’re talking and boosts the sound so others can hear you through the mask. Unfortunately, it can’t make you sound like Darth Vader.

LG has also bumped up the battery from 820mAh to 1,000 mAh, though the stated 8 hour running time is still the same. It’s also touting a two hour recharge time using the included USB cable. The wearable purifier should roll out to more regions upon receiving approval from regulators, the company said. 

For now, LG is promoting the mask with the help of the Thai Olympics team, who wore it en route to the summer games in Tokyo. Clearly, the Korean company is pitching it as a go-to for those who train outdoors. But, LG’s device has its rivals: We’ve previously seen tech-infused masks from Razer and, um, Will.i.Am.

Source: https://www.engadget.com/lg-wearable-air-purifier-mic-114651832.html?src=rss
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