PopSockets Debuts a Plant-Based Grip Made From Beans and Corn Starch

The PopGrip Plant in action.PopSockets

PopSockets now sells a plant-based PopGrip that’s more eco-friendly than recycled or composable alternatives. Available in two unique colors, the PopGrip Plant cost just $15 and retains all the features of a typical PopGrip.

Back in 2019, PopSockets developed a plan to reduce its carbon footprint and research sustainable materials for its products. Since then, the company has pivoted toward recycled packaging, reduced shipping emissions by 66%, and donated over $150,000 to environmental charities.

A diagram showing what the PopGrip Plant is made from.PopSockets

Composed of 35% ethically sourced plant-based materials (including corn starch, castor beans, and canola oil), the PopGrip Plant generates less emissions during its production and lifecycle than standard PopGrips. The plant-based materials used in the PopGrip Plant are durable like plastic and will eventually make their way to other products in the PopSocket catalog, according to the company’s press release.

Along with its new phone grip, the PopSocket company has launched a line of Poptivism grips for Earth Month. PopSocket’s charity partners, including Leave No Trace and Rainforest Trust, will receive 50% of the proceeds from these limited-edition phone grips.

PopGrip Plant

Made from 35% plant-based materials, the new PopGrip Plant is more environmentally friendly than standard PopGrips but doesn’t compromise on durability or usability.

Earth Month PopGrips

PopSockets donates 50% of the proceeds from its Earth Month PopGrips to environmental charities like Leave No Trace and Trees for the Future.

Source: PopSockets

Source: https://www.reviewgeek.com/77590/popsocketss-debuts-plant-based-phone-made-from-beans-and-corn-starch/
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