Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam Review

tenvis-tw888-fhd-1080p-webcam-review.jpg While most every laptop, smartphone, and tablet has a built-in webcam, they’re not always the best quality. Plus, they’re not ideal for more than one person in a shot. The Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam makes it easy to add a higher-quality webcam to any compatible device, making your next meeting or live streaming session look much better. Overview of Features The Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam seems simple on the surface, but don’t let that fool you. I had the opportunity to test out this webcam for myself, and the simplicity is actually a good thing. In… Read more14246365.gif

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How to Avoid up the Nose Webcam View

Logitech C920 Webcam mounted on a monitor against blue and green backdropLogitech

So you’re all set to join your video meeting, but you’ve finally realized—your camera angle isn’t very flattering, is it? Like most people, you probably just placed your camera on your desk without much thought, but the camera angle that produces isn’t the most pleasant to look at. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fix the dreaded up the nose camera angle.

Fixing the Angle

When it comes to solving this issue, the best fix is also the easiest: Raise the camera. The camera itself, ideally, should be a bit above eye level for a nice angle. If you’re using a tablet or phone, the simplest way to fix your issue is to just hold the device higher. But if you’re using a laptop, or just don’t want to hold your device up for the whole meeting, there are still some things you can do to improve things.

Raise Your Device


There are a few ways to easily raise your camera, but if you want to avoid purchasing any extra equipment then simply stacking some books, using a cardboard box, or using a taller surface than you currently are should do the trick.

Besides that, monitor stands are designed to raise devices, are usually adjustable, and they have the added bonus of improving the ergonomics of your desk setup. Arms and mounts also work excellently for raising your device, but they require a slightly more involved setup, usually needing to be clamped onto a surface. For phones and tablets, there are plenty of choices that enable you to position the device however you want—this can also make watching the video call a more comfortable experience for you as well. Lamicall makes some excellent arms for phones and tablets which are highly adjustable and should support most models.

When it comes to laptops, you need to make sure the mount you’re purchasing is outfitted for the respective size and weight of your laptop. Either of those being off will be disastrous, and might leave you with more than just a camera angle that needs to be fixed. WALI manufactures a simple, but sturdy laptop arm able to supports laptops under 22 pounds.

Adjust Your Webcam

Logitech C920x webcamLogitech

If you’re on a desktop PC, you’re likely already using a dedicated webcam, which grants a lot more freedom in the camera’s placement. Placing the webcam on top of your monitor usually works—especially if you have your monitor on a stand, but you can easily set it up on a stand or tripod for added height (these will be webcam specific). Just be careful, if you’re also depending on the webcam for your microphone you don’t want it too far away for the sake of clear audio.

If you need to pick up a good camera, we recommend the popular Logitech C920. Unfortunately, there’s no way to connect a webcam to a phone or tablet, so you’ll need to go with one of the previously mentioned ideas instead.

Software Solutions

This is another suggestion for laptop and desktop users—see if your webcam came with any software to edit it. If you drastically change where your webcam is located and how it’s angled, chances are some stuff may now be in the camera’s view you don’t want to be broadcasted.

Many webcams have software you can download to adjust their cropping and framing. While this won’t single-handedly fix a camera angle issue, it can help to make sure that what you want in frame is the only stuff in frame.

It can take a lot to look your best on a video call, but at the end of the day, the effort will be worth it. This year, video calls have been the main means of communication for a lot of us, so making sure it’s a good experience for yourself and the people you’re speaking to is important. And with just one of the suggestions we’ve listed here, your camera angle woes should be solved.

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How to Make Sortable Headings in Excel

Microsoft Excel becomes a powerhouse once you get into its expansive list of sorting options. Here we’ll cover its most straightforward option for sorting, a simple option that enables us to reorder data in specific columns.

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Google developing new Android called MicroDroid

A new version of Android is in the works over at Google with the name MicroDroid. This new operating system is apparently a bare-bones version of Android made specifically for virtual machines. It would SEEM that Google is making way for the future – a future where even a smartphone operating system needs an iteration that can be operated in … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley backlash grows as vocal tech faction boycotts

Silicon Valley may be a “state of mind,” but it’s also very much a real enclave in Northern California. Now, a growing faction of the tech industry is boycotting it.

Why it matters: The Bay Area is facing for the first time the prospect of losing its crown as the top destination for tech workers and startups — which could have an economic impact on the region and force it to reckon with its local issues.

While the pandemic’s arrival sent tech workers to toil from home just as the Bay Area’s housing crisis and mounting quality of life problems bubbled over, some are taking the opportunity to move to cities that better suit their lifestyles.

  • As many as an estimated 89,000 households have left San Francisco.
  • “The majority of people I’ve spoken with … are doing it not because of COVID-19 directly but because of the resulting degradation of public safety,” says venture capitalist and former San Francisco mayor Mark Farrell.
  • City Hall’s tech relationship has also drastically changed. While then-mayor Ed Lee brokered a payroll tax break for Twitter and others in 2011 to keep their jobs in the city, today that move is deeply despised by officials who don’t believe the industry is paying its fair share.

Recently a small-but-vocal group of investors, workers, and entrepreneurs like Keith Rabois and Joe Lonsdale have been loudly advertising their exits from the Bay Area and other high-priced cities like New York, and encouraging others to follow suit.

  • Miami and Austin are being praised as the new tech hotspots. While it hasn’t caused a bump in startup funding in those cities, according to Pitchbook data, investors from influential firms like Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz have set up shop there.
  • And those cities are not missing the opportunity. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been waving his city’s flag on Twitter to court potential residents.
  • Austin Mayor Steve Adler touted his city’s growth and passage of a $7 billion package for transformational transportation during a recent conversation with Suarez and San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

Between the lines: Those who never wanted to live in San Francisco (or the greater Bay Area) are finally getting the permission not to.

The debate is equally (and perhaps even more) a referendum on the state of California.

  • “If California decides to up their income tax a bit more, people are going to start flying like crazy,” says Drive Capital managing partner Mark Kvamme, a Silicon Valley native who set up shop in Ohio nearly a decade ago.
  • The tech industry also took the passage of A.B. 5, a law that imposed stricter requirements for classifying workers as contractors, as yet another attack on business and tech companies like Uber and DoorDash.
  • Further, some have been unhappy with the state restrictions during the pandemic and its slow roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines. As of this week, California is lagging behind nearly all states in vaccinations.
  • Some prominent VCs are even taking part in an effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
  • Nevertheless, Austin has already shown it’s willing to push back on tech, as evidenced by its year-long showdown with Uber and Lyft over fingerprinting. Miami is also likely to get scrutiny over how it ensures that its diverse communities do not get trampled over.

Yes, but: “What I take issue with is our leaders — people of means — abandoning our community when it needs us most,” Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson recently tweeted. “Reaping the benefits of Silicon Valley’s talent, tech incubators, mentors, professional network and culture until they no longer need it.”

The bottom line: The region’s grip on the industry will likely loosen as a myriad of other cities’ local ecosystems continue to grow into their own and provide more options for those who want to work in technology.

Source: https://www.axios.com/silicon-valley-rebellion-a8aebac9-3f60-443a-b95b-ba68e011ccfa.html
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Thunderbolt 4 Set for Rollout in 2021

Thunderbolt-4-Featured.jpg We always bring mixed feelings to the table when new connectors are announced. It means all new cables and connectivity issues. But on the other hand, it also means our devices and machines will be faster. When it comes to USB and Thunderbolt, it also means a bit of confusion. We’ll once again be met with all three as Thunderbolt 4 continues its rollout this year. Related: USB C vs. USB 3 vs. Thunderbolt: All You Need to Know What Is Thunderbolt 4? It’s hard to imagine that a new connector is being released when we… Read more14245477.gif

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DJI launches new flyaway protection for Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2

A long time ago, when drones were first coming on the market, it wasn’t uncommon at all for them to suddenly stop responding and simply fly away. As expensive as drones can be, this is a big problem as often they travel so far that it’s impossible to find them. This problem is much less common today, but as expensive … Continue reading

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What Does “Run as Administrator” Mean in Windows 10?

If you use Windows 10, you’ve no doubt seen the phrase “Run as administrator” at some point. But what does it mean? Here’s why it’s important, how it works, and when to use it.

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Walmart will use robots to turn stores into automated fulfillment centers

14ae4250-608a-11eb-bfdf-53d9caeb1eacBack in 2019, Walmart started piloting its first local fulfillment center in Salem, which uses robots called the Alphabot to pick items from shelves. Now, the retail giant is turning more locations into automated fulfillment centers by converting a p…

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How to Check Which Graphics Card (GPU) Your Mac Has

To display graphics on your screen, your Mac uses a graphics card, often called a Graphics Processing Unit (or GPU), which can be integrated into your Mac or on a discrete card. The GPU determines how quickly your Mac can render graphics in games and other apps. Here’s how to check which GPU your Mac has.

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