FAA lays out its Remote ID ‘license plate for drones’ requirements

76774510-4963-11eb-bc5b-487766cac41aOn Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shared its latest set of drone regulations. When the new rules go into effect early next year, they’ll allow licensed drone operators to fly their UAVs at night, provided they complete additional t…

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What Is 6G and How Does It Work?

6g-phone.jpg Although it hasn’t been long after the emergence of 5G, technology companies are already preemptively preparing themselves for the following generation of wireless technology, namely 6G. What exactly does this entail? How will it work? A Clarification Before we get to the juicy bit, we have to clarify something: at the time of writing, 6G is nowhere close to being properly tested or implemented. Reports that China launched the “first 6G satellite” in November 2020 are not false but have a tendency to sensationalize the whole ordeal slightly. Yes, China launched a terahertz-capable testbed satellite… Read more14186907.gif

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The 11 Best Free Games for Your New Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch

When you drop hundreds on a brand new console, either for yourself or your kids, dropping another load of money on games isn’t exactly appealing. Fortunately, there are plenty of great free to play titles available on all the major systems.

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How to Change The App Layout to a List on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a honeycomb-style app screen. While it’s efficient, you might have trouble finding the right app on the small screen. Switch the app layout to list view to see bigger app icons with app names on your Apple Watch.

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New FAA rule requires Remote ID for drones


The FAA today announced that it will be issuing two new rules for drone pilots in the U.S. The first is the implementation of a long-awaited Remote ID. The system effectively works as a kind of digital license plate for unmanned aircraft, broadcasting identifying details, including the location of the craft.

The full text of the finalized new rule can be found here. In short, drone operators will have one of three methods for complying:

1. Operate a standard Remote ID drone that broadcasts identification and location information of the drone and control station;

2. Operate a drone with a Remote ID broadcast module (may be a separate device attached to the drone), which broadcasts identification, location, and take-off information; or

3. Operate a drone without Remote ID but at specific FAA-recognized identification areas.

While some drone operators are likely to be put off by additional regulations, their arrival is understandable given the sheer volume and speed of drone adoption. The FAA says that more than 1.7 million drones have been registered in the U.S., along with around 203,000 certifications for drone pilots. Those numbers will likely only snowball as more drones are deployed for commercial purposes.

Notably, the FAA sees the new rules as a method for accelerating drone deliveries in the U.S. “The new rules make way for the further integration of drones into our airspace by addressing safety and security concerns,” FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said in a release tied to the news. “They get us closer to the day when we will more routinely see drone operations such as the delivery of packages.”

Also new is the “Operations Over People and at Night” rule, which, as the name implies, regulates both the ability to fly over people and fly at night. The rule features a number of different qualifications for compliance, including weighing less than 0.55 pounds to fly overhead.

According to the rule, “small unmanned aircraft must not cause injury to a human being that is equivalent to or greater than the severity of injury caused by a transfer of 25 foot-pounds of kinetic energy upon impact from a rigid object, does not contain any exposed rotating parts that could lacerate human skin upon impact with a human being, and does not contain any safety defects.”

In order to fly at night, drones need to sport operational anti-collision lights that can been see for three miles. The rules are set to be officially published next month, officially becoming effective 60 days later. Drone makers will have a year-and-a-half to begin adding Remote ID to their devices. In August, the FAA granted Amazon permission for delivery trials.

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How to Change Your Default Google Account on the Web

It’s easy to use the web with multiple Google accounts signed in at the same time, but you will always fall back to the “default” account. It’s a little tricky to change this, but it can be done.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Git

GIT-featured-1.jpg If you’re a Linux user, you’ve likely come across Git at some point, perhaps while trying to download a new program or looking into version control systems like CVS or Subversion. Git is the revision control system created by the Linux kernel’s famous Linus Torvalds, due to a lack of satisfaction with existing solutions. The main emphasis in the design was on speed, or more specifically, efficiency. Git addresses many of the shortcomings of previous systems and does it all in much less time. If you are looking to learn Git, this beginner’s guide will help you get started. What Git… Read more14185817.gif

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How to Enable Google Assistant in Android’s Chrome Browser


You can now use Google Assistant for voice searches in Google Chrome on Android, and not a moment too soon. The move saves Chrome users from the lackluster voice recognition you were forced to deal with previously.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 camera hide might be madness

For the past few years we’ve seen some wild concepts – and even wilder real world smartphone releases – with methods for hiding cameras. The issue was that the smartphone’s front-facing display required a big bezel. Notches, punch-holes, and mechanical bits to move the camera were all delivered on real devices. This week, Samsung revealed a solution the likes of … Continue reading

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You can open LG’s new refrigerators with your voice

b0eb6c30-491d-11eb-b3bb-7bb3a1f14185Voice-controlled refrigerators are already a practical reality, but LG might just make them particularly handy. The tech giant has introduced a 2021 line of InstaView fridges that can open the door with a voice command. That’s useful when you have yo…

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