Ubuntu 20.04 Review: ZFS, Snap Store and Faster Desktop

ubuntu-2004-review-featured.jpg After months of waiting, the final form of Ubuntu’s long-supported stable version is finally here. How does it improve on what we’ve come to love (and hate) about Ubuntu? Check out our Ubuntu 20.04 review below. Download and Installation To get started, you can download Ubuntu 20.04 ISO here. Ubuntu 20.04 has increased requirements and demands 4GBs of RAM and 25GBs of HDD space. If you’re on a 32bit version, you won’t be able to directly upgrade. From now on, Ubuntu will only support 64bit. It does contain some 32bit libraries, though, for compatibility with… Read more13582244.gif

Source: https://tracking.feedpress.it/link/12555/13582244
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