Why you shouldn’t use Facebook’s Messenger Rooms: A non-exhaustive list

Why you shouldn't use Facebook's Messenger Rooms: A non-exhaustive list

Facebook has a shiny new bridge to sell you.

The preposterously self-described “privacy-focused social platform” announced the latest addition to its  family last week in the form of the video chatting tool Messenger Rooms. However, despite the company’s assurances that it built Rooms with “privacy and security in mind,” there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of Facebook’s latest foray into your life.

On the surface, Messenger Rooms, which according to Facebook will be available globally in “the coming weeks,” appears much like its competitor Zoom. The service allows anyone with a Facebook account to create a so-called room that others can join. It will support up to 50 simultaneous participants, and offers the popular tile view.  Read more…

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How to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Android Device

how-to-avoid-getting-locked-out-of-your- You’ve set a pattern, pin code, or other type of Android password that you’ll definitely remember. Until you don’t remember anymore. It happens to everyone, but you definitely don’t want to get locked out of your Android device. The best way to avoid this gut-wrenching problem is by taking a few precautions now. However, if it’s already too late for that, it may still be possible to get back in without resetting your phone. Start with Prevention The first step is to prepare for the worst. Getting locked out of your Android device can happen at any time,… Read more13493746.gif

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OnePlus 8 Review: One Step Behind the Competition

OnePlus has successfully made its case: that it can compete with the best devices from the biggest manufacturers. That phone’s the OnePlus 8 Pro, and it’s a beast—easily among the best Android devices on the market right now. Go check out our review here if you want the skinny on that device.

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What Is a “Surveillance” or “NAS” Hard Drive?

Capacity isn’t the only thing that differentiates one hard drive from another. Yes, they’re all spinning platters that use magnetic storage to save data. However, some are marketed as “Surveillance” or “NAS” drives. Here’s how these are different.

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How to Disable Read Receipts on Facebook Messenger

messenger-disable-read-receipt-featured.It’s nice to be able to reply to messages on Facebook Messenger in your own time, but if the other person has seen that you’ve read the message, then you can’t help but feel that pressure to reply right away. If you disable read receipts on Messenger and the other person doesn’t know that you’ve read their message, then you’re off the hook! Here’s how to do it. Related: How to Bulk-Delete Messages from Facebook Messenger Disable Read Receipts on Messenger (PC) If you’re reading Messenger messages through the Facebook website, then on Chrome you can use an extension called Unseen. Add it to Chrome,… Read more13489772.gif

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How to Organize Your Inbox with Thunderbird and QuickFilters

organized-inbox-thunderbird-quickfilters Thunderbird is one of the more popular desktop email clients, and what makes it popular is its extension system: you can install extensions to increase its functionality or to customize it to your liking. Here we will show you how you can use quickFilters in Thunderbird to create filters from any incoming email and organize your Inbox. If you’re not already using Thunderbird to manage your emails, you can download and install it from its website. Related: How to Set Up Gmail With Thunderbird in Quick Easy Steps Note: Thunderbird already has its own… Read more13490613.gif

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Instagram now allows users to fundraise for nonprofits while live streaming

Instagram is today launching a new way for users to fundraise for nonprofits via Instagram Live, amid the coronavirus pandemic. While the company had already offered Donation Stickers for the use in Stories, the new Live Donations feature will allow anyone to create fundraisers while live streaming, either alone or with others for a sort of virtual telethon experience.

The feature arrives only a day after TikTok launched a donations feature that works in both its video posts and its live streams.

But unlike TikTok, which only supports a handful of charitable causes at launch, Facebook says its Live Donations feature can be used to create fundraisers for over a million nonprofits.

It also notes that 100% of the money raised goes directly to the nonprofit, as Instagram is not taking a cut — a common practice on some other fundraising platforms.

To use the new donations feature on live videos, you can either tap the camera in the top left of the Instagram Feed or swipe right in the Feed. You then tap “Live” at the bottom of the screen, select “Fundraiser” and choose the nonprofit you want to support.

When the broadcast begins, you’ll be shown how many people are supporting the fundraiser and the amount of money raised, in real-time. You can also tap on “View” to see a further breakdown of the donors, including the individual contributions, in case you want to give them shout-outs in your video — something you can also do in real time by tapping “Wave.”

Those who raise funds, make donations to fundraisers or use the Donation Sticker in Stories will also unlock an exclusive “I donated!” sticker created by Brazilian community illustrator @leonatsume. This sticker can be used in your Story to raise awareness for the cause. Your post is combined into a shared story with others you follow who also donated, which you’ll find at the front of the line in your Stories bar.

This week, a number of public figures and creators will be taking advantage of the new Live Donations feature, including Sergio Ramos, Sofia Carson, @muslimgirl, @montoyatwinz, Tori Kelly, @tank.sinatra and Lisa Rinna.

Instagram says it has seen a surge in Instagram Live use during the pandemic.

In the last month, for example, Instagram Live usage was up 70% as users turned to the platform to host conversations, dance parties, rap battles and more. And many users were already raising funds for nonprofits over Instagram Live, despite the lack of an official feature, the company says.

Social platforms are one way people are connecting during the pandemic, with even Instagram’s previously floundering IGTV platform seeing a tremendous boost — the service’s daily users were up 48% month-over-month, from mid-March to mid-April, reported app store intelligence firm Apptopia.

Instagram’s parent company Facebook has been tapping into users’ increased interest in live video, too, with the recent rollout of a number of new features. Last week, it also introduced a way to fundraise over live video, for example. That feature works wherever Facebook supports nonprofit fundraisers. It also brought back “Live With,” so people could bring on guests as they go live — including for fundraising purposes.

And it launched a Houseparty-like experience called Messenger Rooms, a game-streaming app for Facebook Gaming, and the ability to go live from its Portal device to Facebook Pages and Groups, among other things.

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