What Is Windows Core OS?

Windows-Core-OS-Featured.png Windows 10 is now four years old, and Microsoft has begun to look towards the future. Flavors of it are available on everything from your PC to your Xbox. While they share the same name and some resources, they’re very different. The Windows Core OS Project is Microsoft’s plan to develop one single OS for the future. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Related: Latest Windows 10 Update Problems and How to Fix Them What Is Windows Core OS? Windows Core OS hasn’t been officially announced, but eagle-eyed watchers spotted this… Read more

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account on the social media platform was compromised Friday afternoon, the company confirmed in a tweet.

“Yes, Jack’s account was compromised. We’re working on it and investigating what happened,” Twitter spokesperson Brandon Borrman tweeted.

Before Twitter could regain control of Dorsey’s account, whoever hijacked it retweeted several offensive messages, racial slurs and a message that said “nazi germany did nothing wrong.”

Dorsey has 4.2 million Twitter followers.

Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine

Source: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/30/twitter-jack-dorsey-hacked-1479232
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Is It Hard to Stay Productive When You Work From Home?

Woman's hand holding her phone over a laptop, and a cat lying on the desk pawing her other hand.Creative Lab/Shutterstock

The opportunity to work from home seems like a dream gig. But is it difficult to stay focused when you’re surrounded by the comforts (and distractions) of home? It’s easier than you might think.

Today, more than five percent of the U.S. workforce work from home. Even those who don’t have full-time remote jobs work from home one or two days a week. Many also work on freelance projects at home after their regular workday ends.

However, no matter when or how they work, remote workers almost always face one question: is it hard to stay productive? If you’re interested in working from home, you might wonder the same thing.

With your fridge, pets, bed, Netflix account, and other distractions at your fingertips, it can sound impossible to get anything done. But the research might surprise you: working from home actually makes people more productive.

That’s good news, but it raises other questions. Why does working from home make people more productive? Does it boost productivity in everyone equally? If you’re thinking of making the switch to working remotely, here’s what you should know.

Productivity and Remote Work: What the Research Shows

Many employers balk at the idea of letting their employees work from home. It’s not hard to see why.

When most people envision working from home, they see a constant invitation to slack off. Workers could ignore assignments in favor of television and snacks, or errands and cleaning. Without the accountability of nearby bosses and coworkers, can people really stick to a task?

As work-from-home jobs became more common, researchers applied themselves to answering this question. In one notable study, a Stanford professor followed 16,000 employees for two years. A control group stayed in the office, while the study subjects worked from home.

In terms of productivity, the remote workers blew the in-office workers out of the water. Not only did they get more done on an average workday, but they also took less time off, shorter breaks, and were less likely to quit. The company also saved thousands of dollars on office space rentals.

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How to Check if Your Chromecast Is Still Getting Updates

Second-generation Chromecast hardware.

Google launched the first-generation Chromecast back in 2013, and it’s still getting security updates—but that’s it. As Google confirmed to 9To5Google, this original Chromecast won’t get new features. It may be time to upgrade if you have an old one.

Checking whether you have a first-generation Chromecast is simple. You can either look at the Chromecast hardware itself or pull up the Google Home app on your smartphone.

Check Your Chromecast’s Generation By Looking at It

If you don’t remember off the top of your head, just peek behind your TV and see which one is plugged into your TV’s HDMI port.

The first generation Chromecast was more of a stick with a rounded end, while second generation and newer Chromecasts are a full circle.

In the photo below, the Chromecast on the left is a first-generation Chromecast. If your Chromecast looks like the one on the left and not the ones to the right, you have an older Chromecast that’s only receiving security updates and not new features.

First-generation Chromecast, second-generation Chromecast, and Chromecast Ultra

Find Your Chromecast’s Version From Your Phone

You can also check via the Google Home app on your mobile device. Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network your Chromecast is using and then open the Google Home app for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Tap the Chromecast you want to find the version of.

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How to check if police are watching your neighborhood with Ring


A privately owned and operated surveillance network has sprung up around the country, and police are getting in on the action. 

Amazon’s Ring has partnered with law enforcement agencies to distribute, subsidize, and manage its Neighbors Portal program. The service allows police to request surveillance footage captured by individuals’ home Ring cameras, and for the entirety of the program’s history its scope and reach have been mostly a mystery. Until now.   

Following great reporting by both Motherboard and Gizmodo, Amazon on Wednesday decided to finally come clean about the scale of its Neighbors Portal program.  Read more…

More about Amazon, Privacy, Ring, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

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Over 6 million user-created maps are coming to ‘Halo: MCC’

dims?crop=1600%2C900%2C0%2C0&quality=85&Microsoft and 343 Industries said they’d transfer Forge maps and game modes to Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the help of players, and it’s clear many gamers were willing to step up. The two have revealed that over 6.6 million user-created m…

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/28/halo-mcc-6-6-million-user-maps/
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How to remotely queue for WoW Classic while you work

We’re now a couple of days out from the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, and unfortunately, the insanely long queue times don’t seem to be getting any better. Players are facing 6+ hour queue times just to get into some of the more popular WoW Classic realms, and though Blizzard has added more servers in the time since launch, … Continue reading

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How to Force Restart Any iPhone or iPad

Apple Logo shown on screen restarting after force rebooting iPhoneKhamosh Pathak

Force Restarting an iPhone or iPad works as a quick fix for many iOS and iPadOS issues. If your device won’t boot up, or if you’re experiencing a system-level bug, before rushing to the Genius Bar, see if a force restart will fix the issue.

When Should You Force Restart?

Now and then, your iPhone or iPad might suffer some form of a software glitch. It can be an iOS update gone wrong, a rogue app, or just an iOS or iPadOS bug that won’t go away.

Force restarting is most helpful when your iPhone or iPad is stuck and unresponsive. When you can’t even turn off your device, try force rebooting it—it usually fixes the issue.

How to Force Restart an iPhone

The process of force restarting an iPhone differs between phone models. While the process is different, the result is the same.

iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Higher

An iPhone without a physical home button has a new process for force restarting it. If you’re using an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus (which have a capacitive Home button), or the latest iPhones that don’t have a Home button at all (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR), follow the steps below to force restart your handset.

First, press and release the “Volume Up” button. Then, press and release the “Volume Down” button. Finally, press and hold the “Side” button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen. It can take up to 30 seconds for the logo to show up.

How to Force Restart iPhone X style device with notch and home bar

Once the logo pops up, you can let go of the Side button. Your iPhone will now finish the rebooting process.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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Lenovo Tab M7 and M8 tablets pack LTE, GPS, and long battery life

Joining its newly unveiled Chromebooks, IdeaPad, monitors, and other computing devices is Lenovo’s new Tab M7 and Tab M8 second-generation tablets. These budget slates give consumers new 7-inch and 8-inch Android Pie tablet options that strike a balance between features and price, offering nano-SIM support alongside up to Full HD displays, long battery life, GPS support, and more. Lenovo Tab … Continue reading

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How to Use the chmod Command on Linux

Stylized terminal prompt on a Linux laptopFatmawati Achmad Zaenuri/Shutterstock.com

Control who can access files, search directories, and run scripts using the Linux’s chmod command. This command modifies Linux file permissions, which look complicated at first glance but are actually pretty simple once you know how they work.

chmod Modifies File Permissions

In Linux, who can do what to a file or directory is controlled through sets of permissions. There are three sets of permissions. One set for the owner of the file, another set for the members of the file’s group, and a final set for everyone else.

The permissions control the actions that can be performed on the file or directory. They either permit, or prevent, a file from being read, modified or, if it is a script or program, executed. For a directory, the permissions govern who can cd into the directory and who can create, or modify files within the directory.

You use the chmod command to set each of these permissions. To see what permissions have been set on a file or directory, we can use ls.

Viewing and Understanding File Permissions

We can use the -l (long format) option to have ls list the file permissions for files and directories.

ls -l

output from ls -l in a terminal window

On each line, the first character identifies the type of entry that is being listed. If it is a dash (-) it is a file. If it is the letter d it is a directory.

The next nine characters represent the settings for the three sets of permissions.

  • The first three characters show the permissions for the user who owns the file (user permissions).
  • The middle three characters show the permissions for members of the file’s group (group permissions).
  • The last three characters show the permissions for anyone not in the first two categories (other permissions).

There are three characters in each set of permissions. The characters are indicators for the presence or absence of one of the permissions. They are either a dash (-) or a letter. If the character is a dash, it means that permission is not granted. If the character is an r, w, or an x, that permission has been granted.

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