How to Get the Old Twitter Website Back

Twitter logoTwitter was just updated with a new interface. Now a progressive web app, Twitter’s website is more similar to the mobile versions. But you don’t have to use the new one—you can get the classic Twitter website back in a few clicks.

The Easy Way: Install a Browser Extension

We recommend using the GoodTwitter extension—available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox—for this. Install the extension, refresh Twitter, and you’re done.

This extension is open-source, so you can see what it does on GitHub. Whenever you access, it sends a user agent saying you’re using Internet Explorer 11. Twitter sends the old, classic web interface to users of this older browser.

Old Twitter website in Google Chrome

Skip the Browser Extension: Change Your User Agent

If you’d rather do this without the GoodTwitter extension, all you have to do is change your browser’s user agent to Internet Explorer 11 while it’s accessing There are many ways to do this. The main thing is you don’t want to change your browser’s user agent all the time, or you’ll get all sorts of ancient web pages intended for Internet Explorer 11 across the web.

For example, in Firefox, you can do this with an about:config preference—no browser extension required.

To do so, type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. Click “I Accept the Risk” to bypass the warning. As long as you’re careful about what you modify in about:config and follow the instructions here, you’ll be fine.

about:config in Mozilla Firefox

Right-click on the list of settings and select New > String.

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