The very best apps of 2019 (so far)


When was the last time you downloaded a new app? Like, actually new, not that 5-year-old note-taking app you only just got around to checking out. Chances are, it’s been awhile

But that doesn’t have to be the case. We’re halfway through 2019, and there are already a crop of inventive new apps that are well worth your time. 

So kick back, relax, and refresh your home screen. These are the app’s we’ve enjoyed the most in 2019… so far.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The long awaited game is finally here.

Image: niantic

Yes, it’s only just launched, but it’s already clear the latest game from the Pokémon Go creator is going to be one of this summer’s more memorable games. And it’s easy to see why. It takes the same formula that made Pokémon Go one of the most successful games ever and brings it to one of the most beloved franchises of all time. No, it’s not perfect (what game is?). But Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has already captured our imaginations — what can be more magical than that. Read more…

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