100% CPU Usage in Windows 10? Here’s How to Fix it

fix-100-cpu-usage-windows-10-header.jpgWe’ve all been there. You turn on your PC, and instead of getting straight to work, you’re faced with horrific slowdown and loud-running fans. Hit Ctrl + Shift + Escape, and you see that your CPU usage is inexplicably at 100%. It’s a common problem that’s, luckily, not usually too hard to solve. Here are several fixes for the 100% CPU usage problem. Related: What Is Windows SuperFetch and How Can You Disable It Disable Superfetch (or Windows Search) Superfetch is a process by which Windows 10 learns which apps you use most often, then pre-fetches them for you so they load quicker each time… Read more

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Source: https://www.maketecheasier.com/fix-windows-100-cpu-usage/
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