Wyze Announces Security Sensors Anybody Can Afford

New Wyze sensors displayed next to a Google Home MiniWyze

Wyze has a new product, but for the first time, it’s not a Wi-Fi camera. Today, Wyze announced a new sensor kit, with contact and motion sensors, and they’re among the cheapest you can buy.

If you’re looking for inexpensive cameras, Wyze Cams are among the cheapest without too much sacrifice in features. Whether you spend $25 for the Wyze Cam or $35 for the Wyze Cam Pan, you’ll get a comprehensive Wi-Fi Camera that works better than it should for the small price involved.

While we knew Wyze had a light bulb and sensor kit in the works, today they made the latter official, and now we know how much Wyze Sense costs. For $25 you get a starter kit with a bridge, two contact sensors, and a motion sensor—each bridge supports up to 100 sensors and Wyze pans to sell expansion packs with 4 contact sensors and a motion sensor for a yet to be announced price. The bridge connects to your existing Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan (so you’ll need a Wyze Cam to get started), and all the sensors come with batteries.

Wyze Sense Starter KitWyze

If someone trips a sensor, whether by opening a window with a contact sensor or stepping in front of the motion sensor, your Wyze Cam automatically starts recording. Alternatively, you can choose to receive notifications on your smartphone instead of recording. That option is especially useful if you prefer notifications when a window or perhaps your refrigerator has been left open.

If you think $25 is cheap for a bridge, two contact sensors, and a motion sensor, you’re absolutely right. SimpliSafe contact sensors cost $15 each, and motion sensors run $30. That doesn’t include the $185 base station and keypad you’re required to purchase. If you want to add a camera to your SimpliSafe, you’re looking at another $99.

Wyze isn’t offering a keypad for easy arming on your way out yet though, nor are they offering a monitoring plan. But if you don’t need a keypad or monitoring plan, then it’s hard to argue with prices this low.

You can pre-order Wyze Sense in the Wyze app starting today, Wyze says it will begin shipping May 8th.

Source: https://www.reviewgeek.com/14353/wyze-announces-security-sensors-anybody-can-afford/
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