10 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do

10 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are powerful phones filled with neat features. You’ll love the huge Infinity display, expandable storage and slew of cameras on the back, but that isn’t all these phones have to offer. In fact, here are 10 cool things the Galaxy S10 can do to help you get the most out of your phone.

Compared to the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 these phones have a lot that’s new. Samsung put years of innovation to work. Whether that’s the fingerprint scanner inside the screen, or being able to charge other gadgets wirelessly from the Galaxy S10.

Owners will want to take advantage of all these cool Galaxy S10 features. You might know about one or two already, or find it quickly, but there are several other cool features you probably don’t know about.

Samsung showcased some awesome features up on stage during the Galaxy S10 announcement. Mainly the huge screens, triple rear cameras, or the new Android Pie One UI software. They can only explain so much up on stage though, or in commercials, which is why we’ve gathered our favorite features below. Features that make this the best phone you’ve ever had.

We’re talking about magically unlocking the phone by putting your finger on the screen and creating a GIF from any video. Not to mention charging your headphones, watch, or a friends phone WITH your Galaxy S10 — wirelessly. That’s on top of recording 1,000 FPS video, using fast wireless charging 2.0 or making a life-like 3D emoji of yourself with the dual front-facing cameras.

Basically, the Galaxy S10 has tons of exciting things you’ll want to know about. In an effort to help you understand everything the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ has to offer, we’ve gathered a list of some of those hidden features you’ll love. Without further delay, here are 10 cool things you probably didn’t know the Galaxy S10 can do.

Magically Unlock With a Fingerprint

Magically Unlock With a Fingerprint

Perhaps the biggest selling point for the Galaxy S10 is also the coolest and best thing it can do. 

Samsung put an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen, inside the phone. So not only does it still have one, unlike the iPhone, it’s better than ever and more secure than before.

Instead of a button that’s hard to reach on the back of the phone, you simply touch the glass on the screen and it reads your fingerprint from underneath. The phone isn’t just taking a photo like a few phones did with “optical sensors” from 2018, but it’s actually using a brand new technology — an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. 

This works when the screen is on or off, in a very low-power mode, even when your finger is wet, and it has 3D anti-spoofing technology along with it. That means someone can’t get a tape-strip of your finger or a picture of your face and unlock your phone. It’s very secure. 

It’s also super futuristic, and amazing to watch. 

Galaxy-S10-unlock-XL.jpg?resize=100%2C75 Galaxy-S10-hole-punch-XL.jpg?resize=100% Screen-Shot-2019-02-22-at-12.04.18-PM.jp S9-waterproof.jpg.jpg?resize=100%2C75&ss S10-cameras-XL.jpg?resize=100%2C75&ssl=1
S10-3D-emoji-1.jpg?resize=100%2C75&ssl=1 Galaxy-GIF-from-video.jpg?resize=100%2C7 Galaxy-S10-Plus-main-XL.jpg?resize=100%2 Galaxy-S10-storage.jpg?resize=100%2C75&s Galaxy-S10-5G-1.jpg?resize=100%2C75&ssl=

10 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

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Source: https://www.gottabemobile.com/10-cool-things-the-galaxy-s10-can-do/
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