How to Remove Apps from the “Open With” List in Windows

Windows10-open-with-list.jpgIn Windows 10 right-clicking on a file gives the “open with” option that allows you to select which application to use to open the selected file. Unfortunately, sometimes it gives the option to open files with apps that are not appropriate for the file. While this is not a grave issue, it can be a little irritating. There is always, of course, the option of selecting what apps open certain file types by default. If, however, you prefer to remove some apps completely from the open with list, there is a workaround for this. This article will show you how to remove such apps from the list…. Read more

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YouTube Deleting Annotations on Videos in January

news-youtube-annotations-featured.jpgYou know those annotations that are added to YouTube videos for extra clarification? If you don’t, it’s okay, as it’s probably the reason YouTube is doing away with them in a matter of weeks. It’s been awhile since you’ve been able to add them, and now they’re going to be removed altogether. YouTube’s Decision This is not a surprising decision at all since it’s been so long since YouTubers have been able to add them or edit them anyway. The writing was on the wall, and it definitely wasn’t on the video. It used to be that when you were creating a video, you could… Read more

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Galaxy S10 has most RAM, ROM in a phone, ever: Report

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was tipped today to roll with an iteration with more RAM and internal storage than any other phone. To be clear, this record would be broken only if we’re talking about internal, non-expandable storage. If we are, the Galaxy S10 might well be launched with more RAM and internal storage for data of all sorts than … Continue reading

What Are the Most Popular Top-Level Domain Names and What Do They Mean?

tld-feature.jpgFor a long time “.com” was the undisputed ruler of top-level internet domain extensions, but the Internet is growing quickly, and there are only so many website names that can fit under one extension. This has prompted an explosion in the number of available domain names and made it gradually more acceptable to branch out a little bit – but not too far. Having an “.io” (Indian Ocean) site may mean that you’re part of the tech startup world, but if you decide to go with “.gq,” you might as well just add a header to your site reading “This is a scam!” Sorry, Equatorial… Read more

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7 of the Best Notification Plugins for WordPress

wp-notification-00-featured.jpgWhile your WordPress site most certainly can live without alerts and notifications, these do help to react timely and to communicate effectively with your users. There are dozens of WordPress alert and notification plugins – some of them are fit for one purpose only, and some are more universal. These are seven notification and alert plugins and bars we consider the best. 1. OneSignal – Free Web Push Notifications OneSignal – Free Web Push Notifications is a popular push notifications plugin with 90K+ active installs. When you publish a new post, your users who have chosen to be notified will get a desktop notification… Read more

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How to Use Windows Narrator to Convert Your Text to Speech

windows-narrator-featured.pngWindows Narrator aims to make it easier for those with vision problems by reading what’s on display. You may already have a screen-reading tool, but this one is at least worth trying. Windows Narrator has been sitting on your computer for quite some time, and if you’ve been curious to see it in action, the following guide will show you how to use it. You’ll see that you don’t have to be a tech genius to get the most out of the app. Related: How to Set Up Speech Recognition in Windows 10 What Is Windows Narrator? Windows Narrator is a text-to-speech app that will read… Read more

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