Hackers Find Stolen NSA Exploit Useful Again, Compromise Tens of Thousands of Routers


A Microsoft exploit made public last year after being pinched from the National Security Agency has now been used by hackers to compromise more than 45,000 internet routers, according to researchers.

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How to Unzip a Zip File With Your iPhone or iPad’s Files App

The Files app, added in iOS 11, supports zip files. You can open them, see their contents, and extract files without any third-party apps. You’ll still need an app from the App Store if you want to create zip files.

When you download a zip file in Safari, your iPhone or iPad will offer to open it in the Files app. Tap “Open in Files” to do so. You can also save zip files to the Files app from other applications.

You’ll be prompted to choose a location for the zip file. You’re saving a copy of the zip file to this location.

Select a location—like your iCloud Drive or a folder on your iPhone—and tap “Add.”

Tap the zip file in your Files app to open it.

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How to Remove or Install a SIM Card on an iPhone

Every iPhone has a SIM card slot on its right side. That slot houses a tray that holds your iPhone’s SIM card. That SIM card lets your phone connect to your carrier so that you can make and get mobile data.

You might never need to access your SIM card if you bought your iPhone with one pre-installed from the carrier. However, if you buy a phone unlocked and SIM-free, or are buying used, you’re going to need to be familiar with what a SIM card is, and how to swap one out.

Thankfully, accessing an iPhone’s SIM card tray is not complicated, but you will need three things before you get started.

  1. An iPhone (obviously)
  2. The SIM card you want to install
  3. A tool to poke into the side of your iPhone to eject the SIM tray

That final one can be a little tricky. Depending on which iPhone you have, there might be a SIM card removal tool in the box. If there is, you’re good to go. If not, they’re stupid-cheap on Amazon, but you can also use an unfurled paperclip, a needle, or pretty much anything else that is slim and pointy. Just try not to stab yourself as you go.

Once you have your SIM card removal tool (or a proxy), poke it into the small hole that forms part of the SIM tray. You should feel some resistance, and you need to push through that a little. If this is your first time doing this, it might feel a little odd, but you do need to exert a bit of force to get the tray out. Once you do that, the tray will start to eject, and all you need to at that point is pull it the rest of the way out.

Once the tray is out, remove any pre-existing SIM card and install the new one. Ensure that you have it the correct way around using the notched corners as a guide. Once the card is installed in the tray, re-insert the whole thing into your iPhone, ensuring the pin hole lines up with the hole in the phone as you do.

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How to Install and Run Pantheon Desktop on Ubuntu

pantheon-ubuntu-feat.jpgUbuntu comes in a lot of flavors, all of which are based around a popular desktop environment. There are a couple of notable omissions, though, and those are usually the result of a distribution based on Ubuntu using that desktop. Linux Mint is one great example, with the Cinnamon desktop. Elemantary OS and its popular Pantheon desktop environment is another. Because Elemantary OS is based directly off of LTS releases of Ubuntu, it’s not too hard to get Pantheon on Ubuntu. In fact, it’s available in a PPA maintained by the Elementary developers. But there is one major question that you need to ask yourself…. Read more

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How to Take Screenshots and Record Your Screen in macOS Mojave

Gone are the days of using third-party screenshot tools and recording your screen in Quicktime. Apple includes built-in tools for taking screenshots and recording videos in macOS Mojave, and they’re pretty good.

The Hotkeys to Know

While you can technically launch the screenshot tool from the “Other” folder in Launchpad, it’s best to learn the hotkeys. You can change all of these combos through the Shortcuts pane in the keyboard preferences, but these are the defaults:

  • Command+Shift+3: Saves the whole screen to a file on your desktop (and will also show in the bottom right corner, to drag into different apps. You can hold Control while doing this to save it only to the clipboard, to keep your desktop clear.
  • Command+Shift+4: Opens up a selection menu where you can draw a box around what you want to select. It’ll also save to the desktop, and you can also hold Control to copy only to the clipboard.
  • Command+Shift+5: This combo is a special case. It opens up the main screenshot options bar where you can access all the settings and different tools:

From left to right, the tools on this bar:

  1. Capture the entire screen.
  2. Capture a specific window, and automatically crops the image.
  3. Capture a selected portion, and is the default option.
  4. Start a recording of the whole screen.
  5. Start a recording of the selected portion of the screen.

The options menu also includes some additional settings that let you choose things like where the screenshot is saved and whether a timer is used.

After you’re done, you can hit “Capture” or “Record,” or just press Return. Keep in mind that if you’re recording a video, you’ll have to open it up again to stop the recording, or press the stop button in the menubar.

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Google Assistant’s New Features Make Home Hub Even Better

Google Assistant is really good and quite useful, mostly because Google is constantly adding new features to make it better. Today, Google announced a slew of new features for Assistant—but they really shine on Home Hub.

Deeper Nest Hello Integration with Smart Displays

If you’re a Nest Hello user, you can already see on your smart display (like Google Home Hub) when someone rings your doorbell. But soon you’ll also be able to talk to them before going to the door. When someone hits you up on the ol’ doorbell, just tap the “Talk” button on your smart display to find out exactly what they want. The only downside is that it’ll be harder to ignore them when someone knows you’re home.

Broadcast Replies for an Always-On Intercom that Works from Anywhere

Assistant’s “Broadcast” feature is neat—just say “Hey Google, Broadcast <some words>” and it will send a recording of your voice saying those words to all the Google Homes in your house. The issue is that this is one-way communication, at least until now.

With Broadcast Replies, users will be able to respond to these broadcasts from smart displays, Android phones, and even other Google Home speakers. It’s like an intercom that works anywhere.

Google Photo Enhancements and Better Alarms on Smart Displays

One of the best features of the Google Home Hub is Google Photos’ integration so it’s a digital picture frame when it’s not doing something more productive. Regardless of how well you curate your Google Photos collections, however, there’s always one or two pictures that slip through the cracks and show up when you don’t want them to. Starting now, you’ll be able to dismiss those photos and never see them on your Home Hub (or other Smart Display) again. Cool.

Along the same lines, you’ll also be able to “favorite” photos that you really like. Also cool.

Finally, touch alarms will make their way to the Quick Settings panel on Smart Display. Pretty useful for quick timers and whatnot.

Pretty Please will Teach Your Rude-Ass Some Manners

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Microsoft Wins $479 Million Army Contract for Augmented Reality Systems


Microsoft has secured a $479 million-plus contract with the U.S. Army for Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) prototypes, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, expanding its relationship with the military and beating out a slew of other companies competing for the contract.

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