Tim Berners-Lee project gives you more control over web data

dims?crop=4274%2C2845%2C0%2C0&quality=85After incidents like Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’d be understandable if you felt like your data wasn’t really under your control. Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee hopes to put that data back in your hands — he’s been collaborating with peo…


How to Enable or Disable Disk Write Caching in Windows 10

disk-write-caching-win10-featured.jpgWindows has a pretty neat feature called Disk Write Caching that improves program and system performance. However, under certain circumstances, you might face errors like “Delayed write failed” or “Windows write delay failed.” In those cases, you can try disabling and enabling the Disk Write Caching feature. What s Disk Write Caching? Disk Write Caching is a process where Windows uses your system memory (RAM) to cache write commands and then push them to your permanent storage, like the hard disk. Having Disk Write Caching enabled can improve system performance because programs don’t have to wait for the system to complete writing its data to… Read more

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Facebook Messenger Features You Might Not Know About

fb-msngr-feature-1.jpgIf all you’ve been doing with Facebook Messenger is sending messages to your Facebook friends, you’re missing out on something of a revolution. Since it became its own app in 2015, Facebook Messenger has been adding features so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Over the course of two to three years, we’ve gotten everything from end-to-end encryption to AI chatbots and augmented reality. While it doesn’t come without privacy concerns and some occasional resource-hogging, Facebook Messenger’s ever-growing suite of features is hard to ignore. You can sign up without a Facebook account For many people the social media part of Facebook is… Read more

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Your Instagram account may have been compromised by hackers, too


You didn’t forget that Facebook owns Instagram, did you?

That little fact is extra germane today following the news that at least 50 million Facebook users, and possibly 90 million, had their accounts accessed by hackers. And, it turns out, those users’ Instagram accounts could have been compromised, too. 

Here’s the key detail: You can log into your Instagram account with your Facebook account. And, if you used your affected Facebook account to log into your Instagram account, hackers would have been able to access that account as well.  Read more…

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How electric vehicles can store renewable energy to power entire cities



What’s the most valuable thing inside an EV? It’s not the motor. It’s the battery.

Electric vehicle batteries can power entire homes for days. Those batteries could become the powerhouses of future cities. Listen to more here

This video was sponsored by Shell Global’s Future Cities initiative. Read more…

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