Best TV streaming service: SlingTV vs Hulu vs PlayStation Vue, and all the rest

It’s great what a little competition will do. Ever since cord cutting became a genuine trend, TV networks and pay TV providers have scrambled to bring their channel bundles to the internet. But with more competition comes more confusion. Between Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Philo, prospective cord cutters who still want a bundle of traditional TV channels have a lot to consider before making the leap. And while these services tend to be cheaper and more flexible than cable, each comes with its own quirks and caveats. We created this guide to make your decision easier. It compares the features of all the current streaming TV bundles, lists which devices each one supports, provides a full side-by-side channel list, and provides our bottom-line recommendations. It also links to our in-depth reviews, where you can learn more about how each bundle works. Read on for our best streaming bundle picks, a whole bunch of handy charts, and our individual reviews. To read this article in full, please click here Jared Newman #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Here are some common Moto G5S Plus problems and how to fix them

If you’ve run into any Moto G5S problems, don’t despair, because we may be able to help. Read up on the most common issues and find out precisely how to fix them, or at least work around them. The post Here are some common Moto G5S Plus problems and how to fix them appeared first on Digital Trends. Simon Hill #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Google tweaks search snippets to try to stop serving wrong, stupid and biased answers

Google tweaks search snippets to try to stop serving wrong, stupid and biased answers TechCrunchGoogle Shares A Post Detailing Featured Snippets Android HeadlinesGoogle aims to get ‘diverse perspectives’ into search results ReutersFull coverage #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Brain Scans Show Best Friends Are On the Same Wavelength

Brain Scans Show Best Friends Are On the Same Wavelength Tech TimesOur brains resemble those of our friends, new research shows ZME ScienceYour brain works just like your bestie’s, says study Times LIVEFull coverage #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

#NetNeutrality: California State Senate Approves Bill Protecting Open Internet Rules, Despite FCC Order

On Monday, the California State Senate approved a bill that would impose net neutrality restrictions on internet service providers doing business in the state. Read more… Monique Judge on The Root, shared by Tom McKay to Gizmodo #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Humble is selling Rockstar Games on the cheap to save the rainforest

Want a way to pick up a bulk of Rockstar Games’ back catalog and help a good cause? Then head over to Humble where donating $1 or more will get you Grand Theft Auto III, GTA: Vice City and the grisly stealth game Manhunt. Bumping up your pledge to $8… #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Chat app Line announces plan for cryptocurrency services, loans and insurance

Line, the messaging app with around 200 million monthly users, is embracing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to fend off increased competition from Facebook and others. The Japanese company told announced the creation of a new financial services division which will spearhead a move into cryptocurrencies and other services including loans and insurance. Line already operates a payment… Read More Jon Russell #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Fools and their crypto

What should we do about token sales? Two days ago a Lithuanian “company” called Prodeum looked like a promising if silly blockchain startup. Their stated goal? To track every piece of food on the Internet. While I doubt many of us will care about the exact provenance of the orange we just ate, we could see, in some distant future, a need for this sort of tracking. After all, the… Read More John Biggs #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

World of Warcraft devs on creating level-scaling and Allied Races

World of Warcraft devs on creating level-scaling and Allied Races VentureBeatWorld of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth coming this summer, Allied Races unlock with preorder PC GamerPre-Order ‘Battle For Azeroth,’ Get a Level 110 Character Now RollingStone.comBattle For Azeroth Questions Answered: Why Warcraft Players Won’t See Void Bears ForbesFull coverage #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews