This intelligent voice assistant gets to know you over time

San Francisco-based startup Fin wants to replace your digital assistant. The company has built an artificially intelligent app that functions on voice commands alone and learns your habits over time. Fin is essentially a new iOS app that can accomplish all the tasks a human personal assistant would, according to the company. Upon request, the app can schedule plans with friends, pay your bills, search restaurants in your area, remind you of events on your calendar, and more. SEE ALSO: Sony’s robot dog is back and better than ever But what differentiates Fin from Alexa, Siri, and the other voice assistants you may already be using is its ability to learn your habits. “We have an internal principle: ‘AI’ means ‘Always Improving,'” wrote Andrew Kortina, Fin’s cofounder, in a blog post. Read more… More about Startups, Artificial Intelligence, Her, Fin, and Tech Monica Chin #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Google’s new Android app stops other apps from wasting your data

Google’s new Android app stops other apps from wasting your data The VergeGoogle’s Datally: New free Android tool stops greedy apps eating up all your data ZDNetGoogle’s brilliant Android app that helps you save mobile data is now available for download BGRMeet Datally, a new way to understand, control and save mobile data – Google Blog Google BlogGoogle Maps will soon get a cleaner look MySmartPrice GearFull coverage #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Meet the man who deactivated Trump’s Twitter account

As Twitter tries to figure out how to lock down the parts of its platform that enable harassment, as well as the spread of misleading information and illicit content, there have been a number of moments that highlight how the service, and its levers of control, are far from perfect. Read More Ingrid Lunden,Khaled “Tito” Hamze #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

World’s tiniest fidget spinner is smaller than the width of a single human hair

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have created the world’s tiniest fidget spinner, which measures just 100 microns wide, or one tenth of a millimeter. And there’s a real reason for it, too. The post World’s tiniest fidget spinner is smaller than the width of a single human hair appeared first on Digital Trends. Luke Dormehl #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

New Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop hands-on review

A new graphics card, a new display and a couple other tweaks make this sub-$1,000 gaming laptop one of our favorites. Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists: Download the new CNET app: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: CNET #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

Net Neutrality is just for starters: municipal networks are the path to paradise

We just bought a house here in Burbank and I was delighted to learn that my new home office — part of a business incorporated in the state of California — would be sitting directly on one of the scorching-fast fiber optic likes that the city of Burbank maintains to wire up Disney, Warners and the other major businesses in town. Finally, an end to my long nightmare of slow, balky internet from Charter/Spectrum, my local cable monopolist! (more…) Cory Doctorow #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews

How to use your Android smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

These days Wi-Fi hotspots are available all around us – in universities, office buildings, cafés or shops – so you can always stay connected to the Internet. But even so, in some situations – like taking a trip to your parents’ cabin – you can still find yourself out of range. The good news is […] Alexandra Arici #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #technology #TechNews