Elon Musk Layers on the Crazy With His Plan for Traffic-Killing Tunnels

An appealing vision held back only by its lunacy. The post Elon Musk Layers on the Crazy With His Plan for Traffic-Killing Tunnels appeared first on WIRED. by Alex Davies
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Visual effects expert sells the hell out of old Suzuki in epic YouTube video

Earlier this month, one Eugene Romanovsky posted a YouTube video showing off his 20-year-old Suzuki Vitara. Watch it and be amazed by the capabilities of a 96-horsepower engine: I hope that altered Jurassic Park footage falls under fair use. Of course the top comment is that the commercial must cost more than the car. I checked Kelley Blue Book, the accepted pricing guide for used cars. I used the “Buying this car” option, and put in everything I knew about the car from the commercial, including the power windows. According to the results, a black ’96 Suzuki Sidekick (as it’s…This story continues at The Next Web
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by Rachel Kaser
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Watch how Elon Musk plans to solve LA traffic by boring giant underground tunnels

After creating Tesla, setting the Hyperloop in motion, and trying to send more people to space, Elon Musk is now working on a boring company. And by boring, I mean creating holes in the ground. Musk has teased this new venture – literally called the Boring Company – for some time now; its current goal is to help stop LA traffic by creating a network of underground tunnels that everyday cars can used. Yesterday, a SpaceX employee posted a photo of the machine – dubbed ‘Nannie’ – that will creating the holes. Then today, the Boring Company posted this concept…This story continues at The Next Web

by Napier Lopez
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How Do You Press “Insert” on a Keyboard Without an Insert Key?

Finding a keyboard that has all the features you want can be a bit of a task at times, but what do you do when your chosen keyboard does not have a particular, yet useful key built in? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the solution to a reader’s keyboard dilemma.

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Amazon’s latest Alexa feature makes it sound more human than ever

Amazon announced this week that it’s integrating new features into Alexa, which will allow developers of Skills to make it sound more expressive and human. Alexa now supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), which allows developers to control the tone, timing, and emotion of its voice. With this update, Alexa will whisper, emphasize, and even bleep inappropriate words if the developer chooses. As Amazon says, “These SSML features provide a more natural voice experience.” I’m struggling to find why Alexa whispering to me would be useful, especially if it takes more time to develop. Still, a more human sound could lead to…This story continues at The Next Web
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by Rachel Kaser
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