The latest Windows 10 update hones Edge, but doesn’t deliver for creators

The latest Windows 10 update hones Edge, but doesn’t deliver for creators #Windows10
Microsoft aims the Creators Update at makers, promising a new 3D workspace called Paint 3D, which can be used to prototype 3D printing or modeling projects. Can it really bring value to these demanding and picky users?

9 Things to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Bixby

Don’t get your hopes too high on Bixby…it’s pretty much useless for now.
#samsung #GalaxyS8 #bixby
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is very important because as you probably know, Samsung is in a bit of trouble. The Note 7 explosions from last summer continue to haunt the company, and Samsung’s leadership is currently embroiled in a scandal that is, to put it gently, totally bananas. The company needs a big w…

How to Get the Windows 10 Creators Update Early

How to Get the Windows 10 Creators Update Early
#Windows10 #CreatorsUpdate
You don’t have to wait around like a normal person for the Creators Update to drop—it’s available to download right now, if you’re a Windows Insider. The Windows Insider program lets you beta test advance versions of the OS for free, if you don’t mind the occasional bug, and here’s what you need to…

Where Can You Find 4K Video for Your 4K TV?

If you’ve spent the extra money for a 4K TV, monitor, or laptop, you’d probably like to have something to watch on it. Unfortunately, several years after the first sets came to the market, we’re still severely lacking in actual sources for ultra-high-def video content. Options are limited: as of early 2017, here are the online and pay TV services that offer 4K content.

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by Michael Crider #HowToGeek

How to Create Shareable Download Links for Files on Google Drive

Google Drive is great—you can access your files from anywhere, on pretty much any device, and sync them between your computers. But there’s also another great feature: sharing. If you have a file that someone needs, it’s as easy as a few clicks (or taps) to shoot them a download link.

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by Cameron Summerson #HowToGeek

Police Arrest Man Potentially Linked to Group Threatening to Wipe Millions Of iPhones

The British authority has reportedly arrested a 20-years-old young man – potentially one of the member of a cyber criminal gang ‘Turkish Crime Family’ who threatened Apple last week to remotely wipe data from millions of iOS devices unless Apple pays a ransom of $75,000. The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested a young man from London on Tuesday on suspicion of “Computer Misuse Act and (Wang Wei) #HackerNews #News #Security #Internet

What Is Facebook’s “Messenger Day”?

Oh look, another Facebook app—this time Messenger—is adding its own version of Snapchat’s popular Stories feature, where photos you post to a feed get automatically deleted after 24 hours. Facebook did a good job adding Stories to Instagram, but they’re potentially a less natural fit for some of their other apps.

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by Harry Guinness #HowToGeek