Daily brief: Google Assistant is angry with you

It’s Friday, September 30, and this is the Android news you need right now.

OMG you guys are writing about Pokémon again. This site used to be so good. You used to write about exactly what I wanted to read every day, but now all I see are crappy posts about the best toenail clippers for Android users! Seriously, I’m never visiting this site again.

OK, that review Andrew wrote was actually pretty good. And I’ll admit that Jerry knows his stuff. And I shared on Facebook that piece Alex wrote because my friends were curious about that phone I’ve been talking about. And I loved that themes piece from Ara, and I actually ordered a PS4 Pro after reading Russell’s comparison, and that Jared guy sure spots good deals, and Flo’s choices were so on point.

This place was so much better when Phil was in charge.

Google keeping tight reigns on Google Home products

Variety reports that Google has told potential hardware partners for Google Home that they can’t use any of their own voice command or assistant software in the devices. An exclusive and unknown source says doing so will revoke license to use the Google Cast service — the tech used in devices like Chromecast and Android TV boxes to display content from the web through another connected device. We expect to learn more about Google Home during Google’s October 4 Pixelooza event.

OnePlus 3 now available on O2 UK

The exclusive carrier agreement sees the grey version of the phone stocked on the carrier’s website and in stores. Prices start at £28 per month. More

Note 7 returns hit 81% in Australia, but Samsung faces criticism from China

A little over a week into the Australian recall, Samsung seems to be making good progress. But confusion over whether Note 7s sold in China are safe has the company in hot water with state TV. More

Samsung Galaxy A8 lands in Korea

The new mid-ranger packs a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, Exynos 7420 processor (think GS6/Note 5) and a whopping 3,500mAh battery into a full metal enclosure. According to SamMobile it also features the updated “Grace” UX from the Galaxy Note 7. No word on any release outside of Korea for the moment.

Google Calendar comes to Google Maps, according to Google Blog

Google’s new blog tells the story of synergy, of bringing upcoming calendar entries into Maps. It’s easy to do, too: just open the sidebar and head to Your Places and scroll up Upcoming. Any addresses stored in upcoming calendar meetings will be waiting there. Happy travels!

Shazam is money

It took over 15 years, and eight since its app debuted, for “what song is that?” service Shazam to make a profit. The reason? Better advertising revenues. The app has been used over 30 billion times since its debut, according to Billboard.

Do more with your HTC Vive

HTC has debuted an app store for non-gaming material for its Vive VR platform. Dubbed Viveport, it’s been available since April in China, and has now expanded worldwide. Can’t wait to watch Friends in VR.

New budget Huawei phone headed to AT&T

The Huawei H1611 made an appearance at the FCC today. The phone looks to be destined for AT&T’s GoPhone brand but we’ve not yet heard any announcements. The H1611 will have a Snapdragon 615 processor and a “large screen” (no measurements are given) and should come with a budget-friendly price tag.

Allo’s principal engineer tweets a list of most requested features from users

Justin Uberti, a principal engineer at Google, tweeted late yesterday about the most requested features for the nascent messaging app, Allo.

(1/2) A busy week 1 for #GoogleAllo – thanks for all the suggestions! A brief summary of the most common requests I received below:

— Justin Uberti (@juberti) September 30, 2016

(2/2) Suggestions:
– Assistant features
– Desktop app
– Duo integration
– File sharing
– Quick Reply
– Themes
That’s all I can say

— Justin Uberti (@juberti) September 30, 2016

That’s all he can say, folks. Does it get you excited to keep using Allo? Sound off in the comments.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And remember, it’s all going to be OK.

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