‘Call of Duty’ teaser hints at a bleak sci-fi world

The Call of Duty series has been embracing dark sci-fi settings in recent games, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Activision has posted a teaser for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that gives you a hint as what’s coming, a… by #Engadget http://www.engadget.com/2016/04/30/call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-teaser/  

TELUS will roll out the Marshmallow update for BlackBerry Priv on May 3

The Canadian carrier TELUS has announced that it will begin rolling out the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the BlackBerry Priv on May 3.

The reveal was posted on the TELUS update schedule, and notes that the Priv will get a security update along with the Marshmallow rollout. BlackBerry began updating the Priv to Marshmallow 6.0.1 earlier this week for people who bought the phone directly from the ShopBlackBerry site in the U.S., the UK. Canada and France.

Here’s everything you need to know about Marshmallow on the Priv

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Best accessories for the Huawei Watch

Huawei watch accessories represent!

Whether you want a different watch band to wear with your Huawei Watch or you need to replace your charging cradle, there’s an accessory for the Huawei Watch out there for you.

Here’s our roundup of the best accessories for this smartwatch.

Motong tempered glass screen protector

Yesoo magnetic Milanese stainless steel strap for Huawei watch

Huawei Watch charging cradle

Swiss Watch International 24-slot watch strap storage case

Mudder 5-piece watchmakers screwdriver set

Mode Bands

Motong tempered glass screen protector

You paid good money for your Huawei Watch. Protect your investment with a tempered glass screen protector.

Motong’s tempered glass screen protector melds closely with your watch’s screen so that there aren’t any gaps where dust can accumulate or that might get damaged.

At 0.3mm, the glass overlay is very thin and is therefore hardly noticeable. Better still, since it is designed with touchscreens in mind, it doesn’t interfere at all with the screen’s sensitivity.

Although thin, it is quite strong with a hardness level of 9H, just under the hardness rating for diamonds.

See at Amazon

Yesoo magnetic Milanese stainless steel strap for Huawei watch

If you’re looking for style and that rich, upper-crust feeling, then look no further than Yesoo’s magnetic Milanese watch strap.

Yesoo blends elegance and durability together with this watch band. Made of stainless steel, its beautiful Milanese loop pattern won’t look out of place at a black-tie event.

Forget fumbling and struggling with buckles to get your watch strapped on. Yesoo’s magnetic clasp clicks into place with little effort and stays closed until you decide to take your watch off.

This watch band is 18mm wide and adjusts to fit wrists that measure 12.5mm to 17.5mm in circumference.

For more watch bands, head on over here.

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Huawei Watch charging cradle

If you’ve misplaced the charging cradle for your Huawei Watch — or if you just want a spare one for the office or your travel bag — you’re in luck because the Google Store sells a replacement.

Made of brushless stainless steel, the cradle is attractive and strong.

See at The Google Store

Swiss Watch International 24-slot watch strap storage case

There are so many different watch bands available for your Huawei Watch — so many in fact, that you need a place to keep all of them

This storage case from Swiss Watch International is perfect for all your watch band storage needs. The exterior is made out of durable synthetic leather while the interior is covered with soft black velvet that’s perfect for protecting your watch straps

It holds up to 24 straps that measure up to 22mm wide. Each watch strap slides onto a holder though the loop in the band.

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Mudder 5 piece watchmakers screwdriver set

If you frequently replace your watch band, then you might like to have a watchmaker’s screwdriver set. These small tools make removing those tiny watch screws a simple matter.

Mudder’s watchmaker tool-set has five pieces:

0.80mm screwdriver

1.00mm screwdriver

1.20mm screwdriver

1.40mm screwdriver

1.60mm screwdriver

Each screwdriver is color-coded so that you can easily find the size you need, and replacement tips are included, too.

See at Amazon

MODE Bands

If you are tired of watch band pins and the tiny tools you need install them MODE bands could be for you! Google has now released their MODE bands and they might just be the easiest watch bands to install ever! If you take a look at the neat video on the MODE site, you can see just how easy these bands can attach to your Huawei Watch.

All you have to do is replace the original pin that is on your Huawei Watch add the MODE pin. The it’s just a simple matter of sliding your MODE band over the pin, and locking it shut!

Hadley Roma is currently the only manufacturer making the MODE bands, and they start around $50. Remember, in order for this to work with your Huawei Band you need to get the the 18 mm band so it fits properly.

See at Amazon

Do you use accessories for your Huawei Watch?

Tell us in the comments which accessories you like to use, and which are your favorites!

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Bentley compliments ultra luxury with Android in the new Mulsanne

Does Android in the car get any more exquisite than this?

At the recent Beijing Auto Show, manufacturer of things that are luxurious, Bentley, was on hand to show off the new Mulsanne First Edition. This is a car for the ultra wealthy, and the ultra wealthy that like to travel in ultimate style and comfort. It’s one of those cars that it’s better to sit in the back of.

And to aid in the sophisticated enjoyment is Android. Yes, that’s right, Android. The Mulsanne comes equipped with something known as the “Bentley Entertainment Tablet.” Running Android.

Of course, this being Bentley it’s not as though it just threw in a couple of Pixel C tablets and called it a day. No, no no. It’s far more elegant than that.

“With typically exquisite attention to detail, a single touch of a button engages a beautifully weighted mechanism, smoothly deploying the screens from their stowed positions.”

On the tech front, Bentley is using a pair of 10.2-inch tablets of undetermined origin packed with 4G LTE. Because when one is in the back of a Mulsanne, one doesn’t want to be faffing around with a mobile hotspot. Each has 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot, as well as a front facing camera for conducting those ever important video conferences with the board members. They can also be taken away from the car should you so wish.

While Bentley has designed a custom interface for the tablets, they’re still fully Google certified which means full access to the Play Store and all its apps and content. If you’re in the mood, audio can be streamed from the tablets through the Mulsanne’s sound system. You can also send route information directly to the on-board navigation system. So you don’t even have to talk to your driver.

And you probably wouldn’t have the energy to lean forward either, what with sinking into airline-style reclining seats trimmed in only the finest leather. And it’s probably best not to ask how many trees worth of wood is inside, either.

What the new Mulsanne is, is the ultimate in luxury with a slight twist embracing modern smart technologies. It would have been incredibly easy just to throw in an iPad or two, a couple of custom apps and have done with it. But Bentley went the whole nine yards and embraced Android, allowing it to do much more than that. Even if most of us will never, ever get to experience it.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: A little bit of give and take

The tech gods giveth and the tech gods taketh.

The news this week around Apple revolved around money. Apple reported their quarterly earnings, and while they were right in track with what Apple had predicted, it was the first time that Apple saw a year-over-year drop thanks to a slip in iPhone sales. And Wall Street lost its collective mind despite Apple’s forecasting of a great-but-not-spectacular quarter three months prior.

Oh, happy day — Facebook and Facebook Messenger arrived for Windows 10! And Instagram is officially on windows 10 Mobile — and it matches the Instagram for iPhone app feature-for-feature! But wait, Windows Phone is dead, right? Far from it, says Windows chief Terry Myerson.

Comings and goings were the story on the Android front. Gmail picked up Exchange support, Marshmallow came to the BlackBerry Priv, and rumor has it the Google Play Store might be coming to Chrome OS. Meanwhile, the classic Nexus 9 tablet left the Google Store and a popular Twitter app left… and then came back.

We’re still about 18 months out from the launch of the Tesla Model 3, but that doesn’t mean excitement can’t build until then — especially when there’s a Ludicrous Mode upgrade waiting in the wings. And, just for giggles, how’s the Model 3 compare to the Nissan Leaf? (hint, it doesn’t fair well for Nissan — or Vice President Biden). And if the $35,000 starting price for the Model 3 is too rich for your blood, and we totally understand if it is, don’t worry — there’s a smaller and more affordable Tesla coming after it.

Android Central — Google has a big week

As we approach Google I/O, interesting information about the Google Play Store coming to Chrome OS has emerged — that’ll be one to watch in a few weeks. In more Google news, the Gmail app now supports Exchange email accounts. The Google Camera app also received an update this week with performance improvements and some slick new graphics. The Nexus 9 is no longer on sale from Google — let the speculation begin!

You may have noticed that popular Twitter app Fenix was pulled from Google Play this week … only to triumphantly come back days later. We’re not sure how long that’ll last.

The transition to USB-C has been … less than perfect, but Qualcomm assures us that phones using the new connector are fine to work with its Quick Charge 3.0 standard.

LG V10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

A love letter to the LG G5

Podcasts in Google Play Music: It’s better than nothing

LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung is working on a new TouchWiz launcher

Hands-on with the Nextbit Robin update — a major improvement

Google’s new MODE bands change the smartwatch game forever

HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Marshmallow is here for the BlackBerry Priv

CrackBerry — Marshmallow!

This week, Marshmallow arrived officially factory unlocked Priv’s, BlackBerry hired a new senior vice president for global device sales and finally, rolled out BBM Video in beta form for Android and iOS through a BBM update.

Marshmallow is here for the Priv: Here’s everything you need to know

BlackBerry hires Alex Thurber to lead global sales of its devices

BBM for Android updated to include BBM video chat in beta

iMore — Unhappy amounts of money

iMore is now on Instagram! That’s right, you can now follow @imoregram for super-slick shots of Apple products, live action from events, and exclusive glimpses behind-the-scenes at iMore! You can even submit your own pics by using the hashtag #imore!

Oh, and some other stuff happened, like Apple still reporting more money than almost anyone else in the world and getting punished by Wall Street for doing so. Phil Schiller having some fun — and causing some chaos — on Twitter. And yet more iPhone 7 rumors rumors about the lack of a headphone jack, of course…

12-inch MacBook review

Complete transcript of Apple’s Q2 2016 earnings call

Apple Watch review: One year later

What does Apple look like without the iPhone?

Tesla Central — Absolutely Ludicrous

We’re still about 18 months out from the first Tesla Model 3 sedans rolling off the assembly line, so there’s still plenty to learn about the car — and plenty of comparisons to make. So we decided to pit the Model 3 against its best available EV competition: the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is an okay car, and by virtue of its price the best-selling EV to date. But, at least on paper, the Tesla Model 3 absolutely obliterates the Nissan Leaf. And that’s before we even get to fancy versions like the kind that will be equipped with Ludicrous Mode.

And for a taste of what Ludicrous Mode can do, here’s a 3-ton Model X electric SUV with Ludicrous Mode beating the pants off a Ferarri.

While the Model 3 may be the most affordable EV that Tesla’s made, its $35,000 starting price is still going to be a big ask for a lot of people around the world — even in developed nations. Tesla knows this, as CEO Elon Musk revealed that after the Model 3 will come a smaller and more affordable EV for the masses. Even so, Tesla’s already received around 400,000 reservations for the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 vs. Nissan Leaf: showdown of the affordable EVs

Model X P90DL vs. Ferrari F430 drag race shows the raw power of Ludicrous Mode

Tesla Autopilot’s safety record should impress even luddites

Tesla will make a smaller and more affordable EV after the Model 3

“Of course” the Tesla Model 3 will have Ludicrous Mode, says Elon Musk

Windows Central — Retrenched, not dead

This week Microsoft continued to improve Windows 10 with a cumulative update for those on the Preview Release Ring of the Insider program. Build 10586.240 for PC and 10586.242 for Mobile hit devices late Wednesday with a noteworthy changelog.

Facebook released their official apps for Facebook and Messenger on Windows 10 for PC this week, making millions of users happy.

Beta no more! The official Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile is here and it’s a direct and current port of the iOS version. While scrolling performance could be better, it’s great to see feature parity for once.

Is Windows Phone dead? Microsoft’s current position is retrenched, but we acquired an internal email from Windows head Terry Myerson revealing that the company is very committed to Windows 10 Mobile for years to come. However, the big push for Mobile won’t come until 2017 when the company refocuses its efforts around “innovation” around phones.

Likewise, while a Surface phone is in the works it will have to wait until the Windows 10 Redstone 2 OS update in April 2017.

Cortana on the Windows 10 lock screen is even cooler than you think

Windows 10 build 14328 (Redstone): Everything you need to know

How to use Messaging Everywhere in Windows 10

DOOM multiplayer impressions: Back from the dead, or dead on arrival?

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