Google trolling Android devs a week ahead of April Fools’ Day

Google is damn near legendary when it comes to its April Fools’ day pranks — but it looks like it’s gotten an early start this year. Or, erm, 13 years from now. Logging into the Android Developer Console and heading on over to the reviews section finds the following, from Alex Scott on his “Nexus Space” device — aka the Nexus 16, with its 130GB of RAM, which is sure to benchmark more than 9,000:

Best app in Space! I love using AC News & Forums for Android™ in space, however, I wish it had better support for Space Design when in zero-g and will definitely give 6 planets when it does!

The review is only visible in the Dev Console — or via telescope, perhaps, as ol’ Spaceman Alex is cruising along at about 27,600 kph, some 400 kilometers in altitude.

No idea if this is just an early troll, or a premature troll — but in any event it’s a good one.

Thanks, Kingsley!

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